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Web sites creationToday, we consider websites to be a part of our lives.  However, it is obvious that there are differences among them.  These differences can become the main deciding factors in whether the web will entice us to become a customer or a regular visitor or not.  Only quality websites can immediately interest a customer and evoke a positive impression.  On second glance, the customer needs to understand the mission of the site and the third viewing must allow the customer to find the necessary information in a clear and digestible form.

We create successful web sites

There are a huge number of websites created each day, but only a small number of them achieve the desired success.  The difference is in the flow of details.  As we have been creating websites for many years, we have gained much experience in this field.  Our clients include companies and institutions ranging from the small to the very large.  The sites we create are based on our own MediaCentrik WCMS (Web Content Management System), which allows easy management and enrichment of content through web administration. This system can also be connected to other systems such as shopping cart systems, ERP, CRM, GIS and others.


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MediaCentrik is one of the most advanced web content management systems (CMS, WCMS) on our market. It offers great functionality and is incredibly flexible and powerful, because it is built on the latest Microsoft technologies, of which we are a certified partner. MediaCentrik is a collection of designed modules which fit together to create a sophisticated unit. Each realization uses only the functional modules required so the customers only pay for what they need.

Proof that we are doing our job well is evidenced by our outstanding references and major awards won in this competitive market.

Presentation websites and information portals

We create a range of different websites depending on the company’s or institution’s wishes. Our services starting from needs analyses, through concept proposal solutions, marketing strategies and graphic design to multilingual CMS, operator training, statistics set up and e-marketing criteria set up.  All the customer’s needs and requirements are monitored and met.

Some of our clients using the CMS, WCMS MediaCentrik for their website
Some of our clients using the CMS, WCMS MediaCentrik for their website

Minisites and microsites

Microsites focus on isolated content and are of a great importance for promoting the main website or shop. These can be easily optimized for search engines and achieve high conversion.

Solutions can be built on MediaCentrik (CMS, WCMS), which works as auto-generating micro-sites. The operator can, with one click, generate a separate mini-website with the approved structure and appearance (Corporate Identity, unified visual style etc.). The operator then, only needs to change colors, replace graphics and text as required. The pages can be created for an individual domain of the second or third order.  The interconnected network of micro-sites enables link-building and individual websites can act as landing pages or sites targeted towards visitors on a central website or internet shop.

MediaCentrik - Web Content Management system (CMS, WCMS)

MediaCentrik - Web Content Management system (WCMS) for dynamic Web experiencesWebsites, whether they be a presentation about a company or institution, an information portal, intranet or extranet, have never been so easily manageable. Let us show you WCMS MediaCentrik and you can see for yourself that is it breaking down barriers that have limited other systems. It runs on the latest technologies. It is sophisticatedly detailed, from database design to object architecture and unequaled administration.  Website creation with CMS MediaCentrik becomes fun for the whole team, regardless of the number of websites it contains.

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