System integration

System integrationSystem integration is a process which interconnects other independent systems to communicate with each other. Typically these are e-shops and financial systems which interconnect. Our company is one of the leading systems integrators in the Czech and Slovak markets. There is no competitor on our market who can connect to such broad portfolio of ERP systems as we do.

You should not avoid system integration

A profitable internet shop cannot be successfully operated without connections to accounting, financial systems, ERP etc.

Likewise, you may also want to connect sites to other source data.  Websites can for example, load a phone book or, in terms of privacy, allow intranet managers to view aggregate reports obtained from the accounting system.

The benefits of system integration

  • Elimination of the human factor where it is unnecessary
  • Saving of operational/wage costs
  • Flexibility of business activity
  • Better informed staff
  • Better services provided to buyers to increase loyalty

With successful system integration, independent systems and necessary data are automatically exchanged in both directions. For example, an order created through the online store is immediately saved to the finance system without the involvement of any other person.  This saves wage costs and prevents mistakes which could otherwise originate from human error.


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The whole business will become more flexible. Our customers can immediately see all new orders and customers in their finance system.  Products and pricing can be managed from one place - which makes the whole process much simpler.

Shoppers, especially in the B2B internet online stores can see the personalized data which directly relates to them and is obtained from the information system.  This allows clients to view lists of issued documents, order stock, see online stock availability, etc.  This can all be controlled by the level of rights which the e-shop has assigned them.

Risks of system integration

System integration is one of the most complicated fields in the software creation arena.  It involves the connection of heterogeneous systems, which are not primarily designed to communicate with each other. The integration of these systems creates a homogenous, harmonious complex, which communicates in the background to share the appropriate information.

System integration also presents three risks. The first stems from the need to accurately and correctly exchange data. Imagine an e-shop with hundreds of orders daily and a situation where you find out that you have been selling products to customers for the wrong price. Who will pay your damages?

Another risk is a hacker attack.  For example, if you enter your e-shop through a defined interface into your accounting, stock records, logistic module or CRM, you have to “open a gate” to your company and those gates need to be properly secure. But what if the hacker tries to enter through those gates and damage or remove your information?  Are you sure that your suppliers work with certified professionals who can eliminate the risk of hacker attacks?

The third risk may be the suppliers themselves.  You must rely on the integrity of their staff. You have to believe that their people will not give your data to competitors.  Is your supplier willing to accept a contractual guarantee?

How to choose a supplier of system integration

List of ERP and economic systems that we can tap into the e-shops. Their set is continually expanding.
List of ERP and economic systems that we can tap into the e-shops. Their set is continually expanding.

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