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Service supportQuality of service is fundamentally different between small and larger software companies.  Small shopping cart systems and web producers have limited human resources and just a few new complex contracts can lead to staff overload. Within those companies the service center is rarely separate from production, the processes are not finely-tuned, there is a lack of documentation and so on. This quality of service can be very restrictive to your growth when you expect flexible responses to requests.

How we do it

In our company we have a separate service center. This team is not involved in the implementation of new contracts, but is dedicated to resolving problems and ensuring the functional development of current solutions. Our center is fully functioning and constantly reinforced to meet our customers’ needs.


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Our staff consists of experienced programmers, database specialists, testers and analysts who can competently respond to any customer requirements.  With regard to these services the centre is governed by the exchange rule.  This means that our staff regularly migrates between the development, production and service departments. This principle assures knowledge sharing and exchanging among the whole team.

The service uses an advanced helpdesk system (HelpDesk) which is connected to other systems within the organization such as CRM, ERP, intranet and menu system.  Each of our clients using online e-shop or WCMS has free on-going access to the HelpDesk website.

We are certified with the Integrated Quality Management System CSN EN ISO 9001:2001 and this dictates our internal systems and standards. We have highly qualified and experienced professionals working in our company; however, in the unlikely event of an error being made which causes financial harm to the client, we are insured to the amount of 20 million Czech crowns.

Sample of HelpDesk, well known by our clients
Sample of HelpDesk, well known by our clients

HelpDesk provides many options

  • operation via web browser
  • entering of service requests
  • entering of calculation requests
  • determination of the types and priorities of client requirements
  • option to send text messages to service personnel in the case of critical service requirements
  • customer overview - assigned investigator, reaction times, realization time
  • approval of work done by customers
  • two way, registered conversation about individual requirements
  • sending of all customer service reports to the client via email
  • generation of score cards for clients to allow reaction to the quality of work
  • the internal statistics to assess service team members
  • the internal statistics to enable capacity planning of staff service
  • multiple-access (logins) per customer
  • the option to group several projects under a single customer access (login)

Example of a Score card in HelpDesk
Example of a Score card in HelpDesk

Three levels of post-implementation support within ShopCentrik and MediaCentrik systems

Customers using internet shop ShopCentrik or WCMS MediaCentrik can choose from three tariffs of the Post-implementation Service Level Agreement (SLA):

  • Basic
  • Standard
  • VIP

Individual tariffs vary in the range of services (including, free consultations, free upgrades to modules, system, etc.) and guarantees, which relate to the starting date of repairs, etc.

FastCentrik service support

Support for clients of FastCentrik online stores is guaranteed and governed by contract. Service requirements are implemented by an individual FastCentrik Customer Care department.

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