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Ecommerce solutionsNot so long ago it seemed that electronic commerce would just be a complement to the physical store business or it would exist parallel to this type of business. Only a few years ago no one thought that these shops could be threatened by e-commerce. But all that has changed. E-shops are changing the way people shop.  The massive number of customers turning away from physical shops has been increasing at an extremely fast rate.  You can embrace this trend and, with your own e-business, prosper.

FastCentrik - Bringing the power of e-business to all

FastCentrik is offered through rental payment. Despite the fact that the e-shop is low-priced and activated within 24 hours, it excels in rich functionality, including links to financial accounting systems and online payment receipts. Custom graphics are the norm for each e-shop. Customers can also take advantage of free updates to continually enrich their e-shop with new features for which you would probably have to pay a considerable amount for elsewhere. FastCentrik was first placed on the market in January 2009. In just seven months since its launch, FastCentrik has won the Microsoft Technology Awards competition and the first three positions  in USA (WPC09).

FastCentrik OPEN - E-shop, který se vám přizpůsobí

FastCentrik OPEN online store is offered for a one-time establishing fee of $3370 and monthly payments of $72. FastCentrik OPEN is a special version of the FastCentrik box solution. This new version keeps FastCentrik´s rich functionality but it offers the further feature of optional adjustments so you can expand and modify your eshop as you desire at any time. FastCentrik OPEN combines the advantages of a low cost online store with the convenience of online stores made to measure. You can create an eshop according to your own conception which will be original and meet your exact needs.

ShopCentrik - Customizable shopping cart software for B2C and B2C segments

ShopCentrik is the flagship among e-shop platforms on the Czech and Slovak markets. ShopCentrik is a typical implementation solution with which we adapt according to customer’s needs, starting with analyses, graphic design and project management through to implementation and integration with business and logistic systems testing and operator training. ShopCentrik can be built to any type of shop required, no matter how complex. Typical implementations range from weeks to months and delays will, of course, be reflected in price realizations. E-shop has won numerous awards in competitions.

We can create a quality e-shop for anybody

We know how to create successful e-shops, whether it is a B2C solution for end-consumers or B2B business for wholesale customers. Our internet businesses excel in rich functionality, ergonomics and high performance. This is all achieved by the use of modern technologies. Each solution is built on our own applications (FastCentrik and ShopCentrik).

Few companies exist who can present as broad a portfolio of references and as well-known e-shops as we do. None of our competitors connect their business applications to such a comprehensive set of economic and ERP systems as NetDirect. We are technologically advanced and continually improving our systems.  We have vast experience in the implementation of very large online stores, which include the leaders in the market and many of whom receive hundreds of thousands of orders a day.


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The mere delivery of e-shop technical solutions to the customer is not enough if you wish to succeed, but it is a necessary beginning.  To achieve success, professional cooperation between the client and the solution provider is needed.  It is important that the provider is always available to the client when needed, can promptly respond to the client’s requests and offer appropriate solutions accordingly. Our clients can rely on quality service as well as support in the marketing service area.

Some of our clients who use FastCentrik or ShopCentrik e-shops
Some of our clients who use FastCentrik or ShopCentrik e-shops

Regardless of the state of your pocket book

Among the users of our internet shops you will find businesses of all sizes from small to large. How is that possible?  The answer is simple. We offer two ecommerce systems to enable clients to choose a solution that best fits their financial resources and goals.

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