Analyses of B2C and B2B e-commerce systems and Web solutionsIf you have ever built a shopping cart system or an extensive website without proper analysis, you probably encountered several obstacles. Deadline delays, going over the budget because of additional work (invoiced by the supplier, which presented itself due to the fact that some work was not originally planned or had been agreed on differently) and the list continue. These reasons highlight the importance of analysis. Analyses and the resulting technical specifications are therefore understood to be one of the fundamental pillars of successful e-shops and website creation.

Analysis protects suppliers as well as customers

We do not provide implementations or realizations of our systems, whether for ShopCentrik or MediaCentrik website solutions, without thorough analyses. Quality analysis not only protects the software provider but, more importantly, it protects our customers. Due to the written, processed specifications provided, the customer knows exactly what they are buying, how their future application will behave, how it will exchange data with other firms’ systems, exactly how much it will cost and when it will be ready.

Analyses realization and output

Successful solutions are perceived as balanced combinations of advanced technology, marketing and a sound business approach. Therefore, the participation of competent people from IT, commerce, marketing and logistics fields is important. Each of these specialists may have their own vision and opinion on the final solution.  With a definition of objectives from the customer, these ideas can be unified and combined with our shopping cart system, web and systems integration processes. This will then result in the common definition of technical, marketing and business goals.


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Due to the ever-present need to reduce general operating costs and allow more flexible activities, greater emphasis is given to the systems integration of proposed solutions with a company’s systems (economic systems, inventory control, logistics, ERP, CRM, links to suppliers, etc.) and a secure data exchange within those systems.

Direct analysis with the participation of the client usually takes one to two days (according to our best practical experience, established procedures and methodologies). Subsequently, the obtained data is analyzed and within two to three weeks, processed into a document entitled ‘Technical Specifications’. During the analysis, the customer may be asked to provide further details on requirements or presented with solutions to possible problems and asked to choose the most optimal option according to their needs. If necessary, further meetings with the client are arranged (which would not affect the pre-agreed price of analysis).

After receiving the customer’s approval, the results of the analysis - the Technical Specification, become an integral part of the implementing contract. The technical specification lays out in an easy to read format,  the specified functionality based on the configuration of existing modules, custom-made modules and additional future developments. The overall costs are then calculated, from which the schedule and final price are agreed on for future solutions.

Responsibility on both sides

It is very important that the client appoints responsible representatives for their party, defines their individual areas of responsibility (trade, marketing, logistics, IT) and forward this information to us in written form. Of course, one person may be assigned to speak for more than one specified area. The importance of this is to better let us know your requirements, ensure that all communication is with the right people and, more importantly, to know that those people have the authority to make decisions, etc.  We all wish to avoid situations where miscommunication could occur.

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