Our company can be found in Prague and Ostrava in the Czech Republic.

NetDirect Prague (Czech rep.)

NetDirect Ostrava (Czech rep.)

NetDirect s.r.o.
BDO Advisory s.r.o.
Karolinska 661/4
186 00 Praha 8 – Karlín

NetDirect s.r.o.
Varenská Office Center
Varenská 2723/51
702 00 Ostrava – Moravská Ostrava


Tel.: +420 596 115 633

Tel.: +420 596 115 633



Toll-Free Call from US, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Poland

  • USA: 1888.882.2026 - only from the USA
  • Czech Rep.: 800 666 222 - only from the Czech Republic
  • Slovak Rep.: 0800 700 111 - only from the Slovak Republic
  • Poland: 800 080 145 - only from Poland

Important e-mails

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Although we prefer to win our customers over, we are of course, delighted to win competitions where we are measured against our competitors. At the moment, we are particularly proud of our big America…

Certification is a proof of quality. It also provides an advantage for you, our customers. Because of certifications, you can easily distinguish between higher quality and lower quality suppliers…

When creating e-commerce solutions or websites we use the latest technologies from Microsoft and we know exactly why we use it. This ensures that our applications are efficient, safe and easily extens…

Our clients´ internet shops are insured up to 20 million crowns. And what does this mean for you? Whether you use ShopCentrik or FastCentrik internet shops, you can rest assured that we are insured fo…

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