NetDirect s.r.o. has become a part of Allegro Group

NetDirect s.r.o. has been bought by MIH Allegro BV, a notable Dutch company, which within the Allegro Group holding company operates the leading e-commerce services in Central and Eastern Europe, including the auction site or the independent shopping advisor Heuré

MIH Allegro BV owns 100% stakes in NetDirect s.r.o.

The fusion of NetDirect and Allegro Group opens good prospects for NetDirect – dynamic growth, an interesting future and it will also facilitate the NetDirect's expansion into foreign markets. MIH Allegro BV is a part of a global corporation called NASPERS whose headquarters are in the Republic of South Africa. Naspers has a big influence in the world. As for the Czech Republic and companies belonging to the Allegro company, we can find there for example,, Heuré,, etc.

Naspers in the world

The acquisition benefits for NetDirect clients and partners

We expect a good dynamic growth from the investor's entry. Thanks to the acquisition, we gain a background of a strong capital group. We will share an advanced know-how with the best IT and e-commerce specialists in the world in order to provide our clients with even better services. We will provide our customers with the open access to new markets and bring new attractive business opportunities to them. The space for promoting their e-shops will be considerably extended as well. As for the collaboration with our partners, especially with those in the ranks of manufacturers and implementers of economic and ERP systems, we are determined to be even more attractive to them and to make better use of common potential.

Structure of Naspers, the most important company

Sale at directly from the e-shop administration

The first actual benefit resulting from the strategic investor's entry into NetDirect is going to become evident soon. It is going to be about a comfortable sale at, the biggest Czech online shopping site, directly from the administration of the e-shop, no matter whether it is an e-shop using the e-commerce platform ShopCentrik, FastCentrik or FastCentrik OPEN.

Naspers: Internet Services

Quality of services, innovation in e-commerce and customer confidence

NetDirect s.r.o. remains a separate entity with its headquarters in Ostrava and its primary aim is to strengthen its position on the Czech and Slovak market.

Securing sensitive client data and their personal information remains unchanged. Prices and business conditions for clients remain in force as well.

Ing. Jan Svoboda continues to have the role of the NetDirect executive director. In addition, he will also undertake the function of Allegro Group CZ business manager.

For more information on the reasons for the sale of NetDirect please read this open letter to employees of the company, written by Ing Jan Svoboda, the NetDirect executive director.

NetDirect - a member of the Allegro Group

NetDirect, member of Allegro Group: Your success on the Internet

NetDirect will strive for even grater market share in the Czech Republic and gradually abroad as well. We know that there is only one way to do it – to make the product and service offer more attractive. So in the relatively near future, you can expect positive news!



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