E-NNOVATION: NetDirect represents the Czech Republic at the international conference

The E-NNOVATION 2010 international conference takes place in Poznan from 23rd. – 24th. September. The theme will be e-commerce in Central and Eastern Europe. At E-NNOVATION 2010, the Czech Republic will be represented by two representatives of NetDirect s.r.o. – Jan Svoboda and Jiri Hlavenka

What will influence and transform the future of the Internet?


The 2010 international e-nnovation 2010 conference will be held in Poznan, Poland from Thursday 23rd till Friday 24th September, 2010.  E-nnovation 2010 will host guest speakers who have been involved in the global e-commerce since its beginning and participants will also have the opportunity to hear the prognoses for the industry from those who will be leading us into the Internet future. Participants will be given the opportunity to catch a glimpse into the upcoming days of e-business – the world for your business.


E-NNOVATION 2010: mezinárodní odborná e-commerce konference se koná 23.-24.9. v polské Poznani
e-nnovation 2010 is an internatiolnal, professional e-commerce conference which takes place from 23rd - 24th September 2010 in Poznan, Poland


E-commerce in the Central and Eastern Europe

Over the two-day conference, many e-commerce experts will present their ideas and thoughts. They will outline the state of the market segment in the Central and Eastern Europe from the Czech Republic through Poland and Hungary up to Russia. E-shop users will be given the opportunity to obtain information important for their eventual expansion of their online businesses into new market.

Hear the voices of those who are changing the face of the Internet

The appeal of this conference is further heighten by lectures from experts who lead the world’s biggest e-commerce projects and companies such as Jon Bradford, Nicole Simon, Stephen Kines, Ondřej Bartoš etc. All lectures will be simultaneously translated to English or Polish.

On the first day, a talk will be presented on e-business in the Czech Republic. This will be introduced by  Jiri Hlavenka, a well-known Czech internet specialist and Jan Svoboda, CEO of NetDirect s.r.o., under the title Czech E-commerce: Past, Present and Future.

Check out the NetDirect video-invitation to the e-nnovation 2010 conference:


The strategy of e-commerce leaders

E-nnovation intends to provide a detailed look at the dynamic changes which are occurring in Central and Eastern European countries in the online business sphere. It will highlight the key decisions and strategic activities of major e-commerce players and outline their practical formulas on how to build a successful e-shop or a project.

Discover the causes of success and failures of internet projects

An interesting feature of the e-nnovation conference will be case studies which, in addition to projects with excellent results, will also focus on known notorious failures and their causes.

The discussions on new technologies and innovations for e-commerce with an outline of their practical application also promise to be very inspiring.

Does your business depend on the Internet?

E-nnovation 2010 conference should not be missed by those who are interested in the upcoming trends of e-business, who want to know in what direction e-commerce is heading in the coming years. The agenda will be beneficial for e-shops users as well as for the company managers focused on e-commerce, developers and marketing or PR specialists.

If you wish to participate in the conference, you need to register and pay the 125 eur conference fee by 20th September.

E-NNOVATION 2010 will interest you because:

  • it analyzes case studies on the best internet businesses as well as exemplary failures
  • it introduces new technologies and innovative solutions including their possible use in practice
  • it outlines real possibilities of e-shop development with a focus on factors specific to individual regions
  • it highlights the differences important for e-business among individual countries
  • it presents a wide range of solutions for business and revenue improvement with specific examples of both global and individual Central European countries including the final impacts and benefits

 Briefly about E-nnovation 2010 conference


QXL Poland Sp. z o.o.

Allegro group

Date23.9.2010 - 24.9.2010
PlaceKino Kinepolis Poznań
Web http://e-nnovation.pl/
Admission/Conference fee125.00 EUR (499.00 PLN)
Deadline for fee paymentMonday - 20. 9. 2010




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