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NetDirect is a supplier of e-business applications with a significant market share in the Czech and Slovak markets. Since the establishment of NetDirect in 2002, our turnover has steadily increased each year. We are continuously increasing our staff, which currently (December 2011) comprises 90 employees in various areas of expertise. Furthermore, NetDirect is steadily expanding the portfolio of its customers, which consists of more than 1,000 active clients.  Our offices can be found in Prague, Ostrava (Czech Republic) and Bytča (Slovak Republic).

What is important

Our main goals are establishing long-term relationships with our customers and to offer intensive support in order to help our customers achieve rapid growth.  The fact that we have built the solutions for our products (FastCentrik, ShopCentrik and MediaCentrik), allows us to be independent and flexible with regard to changing market trends.

Turnover of NetDirect in millions (CZK, without VAT)
Turnover of NetDirect in millions (CZK)

The company has a clear organizational structure, and our employees are chosen for their skills and ability to work within our team.  To manage and communicate both inside and outside the company, sophisticated systems such as ERP systems, CRM systems and HelpDesk are used.  We are compliant with the ISO 9001:2001 quality management system and use certified systems of project management.


analysesimplementation   integrationmarketingservice 24/7
Analyses of B2C and B2B e-commerce systems and Web solutionsDevelopment and implementation of shopping cart systems and websitesSystem integration of e-business solutions and ERP softwareInternet marketing for shopping systems and web solutionsE-commerce applications and web solutions service

High Technology

Our applications are built on top of Microsoft technology. We hold the Microsoft Gold Certified Partner title and are proud to include many Microsoft certified professionals in our ranks.  Proof that our products are of the highest quality can be seen in how we placed at international competitions, including three first place positions at the World Conference WPC09 in the USA where NetDirect beat more than 2,000 other competitive solutions and we also received the highest award possible at the WPC10 conference. NetDirect earned the rank of best partner by receiving the 2010 Microsoft Country Partner of the Year Award.


finalist 2008finalist 2009winner 2009the highest  partnership   winner 2010          
Logo Microsoft Technology Awards Finalist 2008Logo Microsoft Technology Awards Finalist 2009Logo Microsoft Technology Awards Winner 2009Logo Microsoft Gold Centrified Partner Logo 2010 Country Partner of the Year Winner

Photo from WPC09 where eCommerce solution FastCentrik won three first places
In the centre Allison Watson - Corporate Vice President of the Microsoft company presenting three winning prizes to the
internet shop FastCentrik at the world conference WPC09 in New Orleans (USA). On the left is the director of NetDirect
Ing. Jan Svoboda, and on the right is our head of Marketing Kateřina Spáčilová.


A partnership with producers of economic systems and e-marketing agencies is of great importance to us. We build our partnerships with the aim of being transparent and beneficial to all parties involved. The partnership allows us to provide the comprehensive delivery of the most important related services our customers need.  These services include (but are not limited to) e-shop integration to an ERP system or marketing services.

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