We are insured up to 20 million Czech crowns

Our clients´ internet shops are insured up to 20 million crowns. And what does this mean for you? Whether you use ShopCentrik or FastCentrik internet shops, you can rest assured that we are insured for any damages which may be caused by our applications or work. We can also assure you that, while this insurance has been in place, there has not been a single insured accident reported.

We differ in the details, especially the important ones

Recently, one of our clients commented in a discussion forum about our company. This client said that NetDirect differs from other e-commerce suppliers in the details - the important ones. Today´s information is also one of the ´small details´. Software applications and hardware may, from time to time, have problems that you cannot predict. With us, you can be sure, that if any of these problems are our fault, we will ensure that you are fully supported and compensated.

What is covered by the 20 million crown insurance contract?

NetDirect is insured to protect the company from situations where its action could cause harm (to health, property or financial well-being).

Our insurance certificate is issued by MARSH - a subsidiary of Marsh & McLennan Companies (MMC). This is an international company which provides consultancy and intermediary services, employing 55 thousand people and generating revenues of 11 billion USD. NetDirect will apply any of its rights to an indemnification insurance agreement negotiated with a Czech insurance company through the brokerage company MARSH Ltd.

The causes of claims could of course be numerous. Among such insured events we include; human error (programmer error, direct material damage (e.g. damage to the server), errors in algorithm applications which could further cause direct financial harm etc. In case of damages, the client should immediately report this fact to our company.  It is then up to us to rectify the situation in the shortest time possible in order to reduce the risk of further damage. Consequently, the insurance company requires all documents regarding the case and the calculation of the damage incurred.

Restriction to European territory

The insurance contract covers damages caused only in the European territory. For those clients who wish to physically place their e-shops on servers outside the European territory, this insurance does not apply.

This type of insurance is not the common standard

This type of insurance is certainly not standard, like that which could be obtained over the counter at any insurance company.  In the words from our own insurance provider, this is a unique policy due to its broad and extensive coverage.

During the insurance process, we were scrutinized with regards to our work practices, work organization, technical and financial security, project documentation and sustainability of service workers. Due to the fact that we are managed by the quality standard management CSN EN ISO 9001:2001, our products are documented and we provide 24 hour service.  We stand out as one of the few software companies able to meet the requirements for such extensive coverage.

E-comerce solutions with no unwanted surprises and accidents

NetDirect - Finance Director Ing. Dagmar Pavelková, Ph.D.

As our insurance must be renewed annually, we are therefore even more proud that we have had no incidents to report to our insurance provider. We are, however, confident that, should there be any failure in technique or applications, any problems would be quickly eliminated to minimize our customers´ damage.

Finance Director Ing. Dagmar Pavelková, Ph.D. commented: "We have decided on further insurance renewal even though we have had a claim-free record for the past three years. This speaks to our technical and personal competence and also to our stable relationships with our clients. I believe, that clients can feel and see, that we identify with their business and we are willing to spend more than just ‘adequate’ resources on their protection and prosperity."

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Our clients´ internet shops are insured up to 20 million crowns. And what does this mean for you? Whether you use ShopCentrik or FastCentrik internet shops, you can rest assured that we are insured fo…

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